VMware has recently (may 2018) released an update to its hypervisor and VCenter edition 6.7. I know some of you think that upgrading within these minor versions
is a waste of time and rather wait to a major release, but this version is definitely worth the upgrade (especially if you are currently on version 6.0).
(As long as you have a valid license for the major version you can have free upgrades within all the minor versions.)

So whats new ? (i’m not going to cover everything, just the things i saw as most important), if you want to read through the full white paper you can go find it here.

Server appliance: to the ones of you who do not want to work with the windows version of the vCenter, VMware released a server appliance which you can easily deploy remotely, it supports windows, mac and linux deployments. i deployed it from my mac, unpacked the ISO file and ran the installer, and it was up and running after 10 min. (just make sure all your ESXI’s are syncing through NTP so there are no time differences issues, and you have a valid DNS name ready).
VMware claims that there are major performance improvements in their new server appliance:

• 2X faster performance in vCenter Server operations per second
• 3X reduction in memory usage

it also introduced a Quick Boot feature that allows restarting the hypervisor services rather than an entire physical server. (Reduce maintenance window)
and a Support for 4K Native Drives.

Web interface: as a mac user i was annoyed all of these years that i had to have a windows VM just so i can use it to connect with the VMware agent to the esxi’s.
since version 6.5 they introduced a java web ui that eliminated that need (but still, it wasn’t that good).
Now they have introduces an HTML 5 based ui that ls modern and that is both responsive and easy to use and also supports managing VMware NSX and VMware vSAN.

Security: vSphere 6.7 adds support for TPM 2.0 hardware devices
for ESXi hosts which significantly enhancing protection and ensuring integrity for both the hypervisor and the guest operating system. Together with secure Boot that was introduced in version 6.5 it ensures that only digitally signed modules are loaded and prevents the installation of unsigned code.

Together with VM Encryption and Encrypted vMotion (which makes it
easy to securely move between data centers or across a hybrid
cloud environment) it creates a whole new security standards.

CLI Tools: This release of vCenter Server includes some really nice additions and enhancements to the CLI interface.
Its consists out of jason templates that are in the vCenter Server ISO which allows batch operations utilizing in bulk and in a correct sequences.


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